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Gujarat govt allows 200 people at weddings, up from 100 earlier


The Gujarat government has increased the number of people who can be allowed at weddings up to 200 from the earlier 100. The state has said that 200 people will be allowed to attend a wedding provided all are wearing masks and social distancing is maintained.

The decision was taken following representations to the government to allow for more people. However, in case the ceremonies are held in closed auditoriums and halls the number of people will have to be restricted to only 50% of the hall capacity.

GCCI had sought relaxations for wedding season

The GCCI had made a representation to the state asking that given the upcoming wedding seasons, the relaxation in the number of people who can attend weddings be allowed up to 200.

The GCCI had argued that allowing for 200 people would help the catering, event management, flower and such businesses associated with the wedding season.

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It would also help boost the economic activity around the wedding season business. The wedding industry had lost substantial business due to the lockdown in the April-May season when usually weddings are held.

The GCCI had also sought that shops and restaurants be allowed to remain open up to midnight in the night given the festival season. Sources said the government is seriously considering the request and may make an announcement in the coming days.


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