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23 year-old from Rajkot gangraped multiple times by drug-addict men who lured her with job promise


A 23-year-old woman from Rajkot, who was gangraped by five men at various places had fallen prey to their promise of a corporate job.

The woman did not realise that the men offering her jobs were drug addicts, who not only gangraped her first but also clicked her pictures and videos and blackmailed her with it for further exploitation.

The men not only raped her at various places but also in a car while returning to Ahmedabad by threatening her with a gun.

She was kept at the Gala Marvel Flat in South Bopal and raped repeatedly for two months.

How the victim was lured and eventually gangraped?

As per a complaint registered with the Ahmedabad West Mahila Police station, the 23-year-old resident of Rajkot, Kavya (name changed) has accused Pragnesh Patel, Jitendrapuri Goswami, Jaymin Patel, Maldev Bharwad and Neelam Patel of gangrape. All the accused are residents of Ahmedabad.

Maldev Bharwad approached Kavya through Snapchat and sent her a friend request. They then began to talk and Bharwad promised to get her a corporate job and even met her at the Radisson Blu cafe near Law Garden. There she met Pragnesh and Jitendrapuri. Both promised to get her a job.

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They then called her to Abu to introduce her to their friend who was into corporate event management. He then told her that his friend had gone to Udaipur and so made her stay at the Radisson Blu hotel. There they laced her drink with drugs and once unconscious raped her.

They took pictures and videos of the same. When Kavya created a ruckus in the morning after finding herself naked with the men, they apologised and convinced her to stay silent since it would lead to her embarrassment as well. Kavya then returned to Ahmedabad and left for Goa.

Pragnesh and Maldev once again got in touch with her and this time told her that they had not only found her a job but one that would also provide accommodation. They then called her and made her stay at Marvel flats in South Bopal.

Victim blackmailed and gangraped several times

On October 2, they sent her to meet their friend in Gandhidham with her biodata. They accompanied her in a car and the hotel began to take drugs.

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They also showed Kavya pictures and videos of her rape in Udaipur hotel. They threatened to leak it online and then raped her in the hotel.

While returning to Ahmedabad the two also raped her again in the car. On their way home, when they stopped at a petrol pump, Kavya managed to escape from the car and got into the petrol pump office.

She then called her friend in Aadipr who picked her up. On her return to Ahmedabad, Kavya told Jitendrapuri about the rape, he promised to deal with it on his own without her having to go to the police.

Later Kaavya found out that Jitendrapuri was hand in gloves with the others. She confronted them in a hotel where they gangraped her in retaliation.

Meanwhile, the other accused Neelam confiscated her passport and money. They then continued to blackmail her and use her at their will. One day Pragnesh’s wife reached the house at Gala Marvel and found Kavya and got angry.

The five men then argued and Kavya left the place. She then searched the internet for a lawyer, found one and as per his advice approached the police.


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