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Punjab CM hits back at Khattar govt over farmers protest remarks


Punjab Chief Minister Amarinder Singh on Saturday hit back at his Haryana counterpart Manohar Lal Khattar over the latter’s remarks that it was the Punjab farmers who were creating trouble in the farmers’ protest outside Delhi and that none of the farmers are from Haryana.

The farmers are protesting the center’s new agricultural laws. Singh also criticised the Khattar government’s high-handedness in dealing with the farmers protest.

The Punjab chief minister said the state was not stopping its farmers from protesting because it was their right. He questioned the Khattar government’s enthusiasm in curbing the protest when both Delhi and Punjab governments did not do so.

He also threatened not to pick up his counterpart’s calls after the Haryana chief minister earlier accused Singh of not responding to his calls.

The Khattar government also held Punjab responsible for thousands of angry farmers marching to Delhi and reports of violence amid police crackdown.

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The Haryana government claimed that the state police had shown restraint in dealing with the protesting farmers.

Rahul Gandhi shares pics of farmers protest, calls it a very sad photo

Congress leader Rahul Gandhi shared a picture of the farmers’ protest in which a cop is seen aiming his baton at a protesting farmer. Calling it a sad photo, Gandhi said, “Our slogan was Jai Jawan Jai Kisan, but today PM Modi’s arrogance made the jawan stand against the farmer. This is very dangerous,” Gandhi tweeted.

“Look at the country’s system in the BJP government. When the billionaire friends of BJP come to Delhi, they get a red-carpet welcome. But when farmers come to Delhi, roads are being dug. It is right that anti-farmer laws are made but when farmers come to Delhi, it becomes wrong?” Priyanka Gandhi tweeted in support of the farmers’ protest and criticising the BJP government.


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