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Fake doctor at Rajpipla’s public hospital accused of killing 37 patients


Vishal Mistry, Rajpipla: The number of fake doctors practicing in the remote areas of the Narmada district seems to be growing by the day. The health department and police have so far nabbed 10 fake doctors and now it has emerged that a case of murder has been filed against another fake doctor who was practicing in Rajpipla’s public hospital. He is accused of killing 37 patients.

Dr. Bhavesh Kukadia had treated several COVID patients at the Rajpipla Public hospital where he had been working for three years. A couple later filed a case of cheating against Dr. Bhavesh Kukadia.

It also emerged that a complaint was also filed against the doctor in Vadodara’s Panigate Police station. The case was for cheating where the doctor used a fake COVID report of his wife to get an insurance claim.

While investigating the case, it emerged that the medical degree that Dr. Kukadia claimed to have was a bogus one. Dr. Kukadia, a resident of Vedant residency in Vadodara had used a fake medical degree and certificate to practice medicine.

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He had also got a job with the public hospital in Rajpipla and had treated over 200 patients. Thirty-seven patients had died while being under the treatment of the fake doctor and a case was registered against him.

Other fake doctor cases

doctor and three others were held for making fake claims of COVID-19 using fake medical records in Vadodara. Among those arrested were an insurance agent, an employee of a private hospital, and the policyholder.

The doctor was identified as Dr. Anil Patel of Balaji Hospital, the other was one Dipak Tiwari an employee of Care Hospital, an insurance agency Pravin Parmar and the policyholder Mitesh Prajapati.

In all the bogus medical records of two patients were used to claim Rs4.5 lakh. Investigations revealed that they would turn the negative report of the patients into positive by changing the same.



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