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Man in Ahmedabad cheated of Rs31 lakh by English girlfriend he met on Facebook


A man in the city was cheated of 35,000 Euro (approximately Rs31 lakh) by his girlfriend Minda Wilfred whom he had befriended on Facebook.

As per a complaint registered with the Cyber Cell, Dashrat Patel, 52, a resident of Ambika Park in Krishnanagar got a friend request from a white woman on Facebook on April 1, 2020.

Patel accepted it and the two began to talk on messenger and eventually also exchange Whatsapp numbers. Minda Wilfred claimed to be from England and worked as a captain in a carnival shipping company.

How the cheating was perpetrated

On April 14, she told him that she had sent him several gifts including a mobile, jewellery, and laptop.

Later a woman called him up and spoke in Hindi. She said she was speaking from the customs terminal in Delhi and that they had a parcel for him from one Minda in the UK.

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She said the parcel will be released only if the customs duty was paid. Though Patel initially refused to pay the customs duty to clear the parcel, the woman said that since there was UK currency in the package he will be charged under money laundering and there will be an inquiry against him.

A scared Patel transferred the money equal to 35,000 Euro on different occasions and every time the woman send him certificates from the ‘income tax department’ for the ‘tax’ he paid to not get caught in a money laundering case.

In all, he transferred money to 10 different accounts. Eventually, he realized that he was cheated and filed a complaint with the cyber cell.


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