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2,055 road accidents, 11,079 emergency cases in Gujarat during 3 days of Diwali festivity


The COVID-19 threat did not deter people from travelling during the Diwali holidays. As per data available with the GVK-EMRI 108 service, 2,055 road accidents which were part of the 11,079 emergency cases were reported from the state during the last three days of Diwali festivity.

104.48% hike in road accidents was reported against normal days during the said period while the overall hike in emergency cases was 30.49% against normal days.

November 16 saw the highest spurt in accident cases. There was a 151% hike in accidents. The day reported 841 road accidents against the normal daily average of 335. Diwali saw 589 accidents while New Year reported 625 accident cases.

How emergency cases fared during Diwali

Of the total 11,079 emergency cases reported during the three days, 3,900 were reported on November 16.  Subsequently, 3,521 and 3,658 emergency cases were reported on the day of Diwali and New Year.

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In all 2,631 emergency cases were reported in Ahmedabad district during the three days, a hike of 58% in the number of emergency cases. The district on an average sees f 554 emergencies during normal days.

The highest number of emergencies (892) was reported in Ahmedabad district on November 15. Aravalli and Dahod also saw a hike of over 50% in emergency cases during the three days.

There was a 240% hike in the number of burnt cases in Gujarat during Diwali compared to five average cases on a normal day.

Of the 25 cases of burn injuries, the highest was reported on the day of Diwali. In all, 51 cases of burn injuries were reported from November 14 to 16.


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