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Surat van driver held for sex with 15-year-old teen he ferried to school!


A van driver, who picked and dropped a class 10 student entered into physical relationship with the 15-year-old. The 32-year-old man brainwashed the teen and had sex with the teen not only in the school van but also in different places. Physical relations with a minor is categorised as rape.

When the man’s wife came to know of his affair with the child, she and her sister kidnapped the teen and beat her up. They also threatened her not to meet the driver again.

How van driver lured the teen into sex

As per a complaint with the police, Jagdish Agrawal, 32, a resident of Purna, had been ferrying the 15-year-old to school and back since 2018.

During this period, Jagdish and the girl allegedly fell in love and Jagdish brainwashed the child and had physical relations with the teen in the school van.

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Later on three different occasions, he had physical relations with the 15-year-old at different places.

When Jagidsh’s wife Raveena came to know of the alleged affair between the man and the child, she along with her sister Mamta reached the teen’s house.

They met the girl and forced her into the van they had come in and beat her up. They took her to someplace and threatened her not to ever talk with Jagdish again. The two then dumped the girl midway and escaped.

Van driver accused in similar case four years ago

When the teen informed her brother about the same he filed a complaint with the Purna police station. Police arrested Jagdish, his wife Ravina and her sister Mamta. Investigations revealed that a similar case was filed against Jagdish four years ago. In that too the victim was a minor girl.


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