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Dentist murdered at home in UP while kids were in another room


A 38-year-old dentist was murdered at her home in Agra in Uttar Pradesh on Friday afternoon while her two young children were in the next room.

The man entered the house by posing as a technician who came to recharge the set-top box.

The victim, Dr. Nisha Singhal, a dentist, was attacked with a knife and had her throat cut. Dr. Singhal’s two children aged eight and four were in another room when the murder happened.

The man then attacked the children and stayed in the home for over an hour looking for valuables to steal.

Their father, Dr. Ajay Singhal, a surgeon was at the hospital at the time of the incident. He rushed home on learning about the attack and rushed his wife to the hospital but she had already succumbed to her injuries.

Murder accused caught

Police later arrested Shubham Patham on Saturday morning for the murders. He was identified from CCTV footage.
Police said Pathak was looking to rob the house.

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Former UP Chief Minister Akhilesh Yadav expressed his outrage over the incident.

“The state is shocked by the incident in Agra where a woman’s throat was slit at her home in a busy residential area. The BJP government is busy defending corrupt officials and creating false cases against opposition leaders. The state, instead of focusing on advertising itself on television, should focus on reducing crime in Uttar Pradesh,” the Samajwadi Party chief tweeted.


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