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In Gujarat, the dead are getting COVID vaccine and congratulatory messages!


The Gujarat government has been aggressively pushing COVID vaccination in the state with a target to ensure over 2 lakh people get the vaccine every day. The state has come under criticism for its alleged COVID numbers and fatalities with accusations that it is not giving out the true figures. The state has dismissed these accusations.

But now a case has emerged which shows that perhaps all is not well with the high COVID vaccination numbers being proudly shown by the state.

In Upleta, a case has emerged where records show that a deceased person is among those who got the COVID vaccine. What is interesting is that the person- Hardas Karangiya – had died three years ago in 2018. But the records show he was among the recipients of a COVID vaccine in the state recently.

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The family of Karangiya came to know of him being given a COVID vaccine when they got a congratulatory message on their phone. As per the message, Hardas received the first dose of the COVID vaccine on May 3, 2021, and was also issued a certificate.

Other cases of the dead getting vaccines

This is not the first time that such a case is being reported in Gujarat. Earlier a similar case had been reported in Dahod where a person got a message that his father had received the COVID vaccine when his father had been dead for a decade.

In another case, Madhuben Sharma, 72 had got the first dose of the vaccine on March 2, 20221. She later died due to natural causes on April 14, but her son got a message stating that her vaccination for COVID was complete.

So far, 10 such cases of deceased people figuring in the COVID vaccination list have emerged. It remains to be investigated if it is an error on the part of officials or if COVID vaccination is being given to someone else in the name of the deceased.



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