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Curfew puts over 1600 weddings scheduled in Ahmedabad in a quandary


The announcement to impose a curfew from Friday 9 pm to Monday 6 am has sent the wedding industry into a panic. In all, around 1,600 weddings were scheduled to be held in Ahmedabad on November 21 and 22, as both these days were believed to be very auspicious.

The industry is demanding that the curfew during the day on weekends should be cancelled as it will severely impact not just the event managers but also the couples who are scheduled to get married.

Most of the event managers have also taken an advance for the weddings scheduled on the two days and now don’t know how to accommodate the sudden changes.

An official of Saatvik Event Management said that the industry has been on the decline in the last nine months due to COVID-19 and the resultant lockdown. He said Navratri which is a major business for event managers was also a washout after the government refused to allow public garbas. He said the next big thing for event companies was the wedding season.

November 22 was the first auspicious day available after Diwali and close to 1600 weddings are scheduled in Ahmedabad during the weekend, officials associated with the wedding industry said.

Curfew to impact families, associated wedding business

The curfew will end up also impacting the other businesses associated with the wedding industry like decorators, party plots, and even caterers.

He said the sudden decision will also be an economic setback for families who had planned the wedding on the two days.

He said they had arranged for weddings taking into consideration the COVID-19 norms. Event managers said even if the weddings are postponed for another day, the invites have already been sent and it would mean renewed expenses for the family.

The government announced the curfew in an attempt to curb the rising incidence of COVID-19 in the state.

It has also deferred the reopening of schools. Earlier the government had announced that it will reopen classes 9 to 12 and universities from November 23 onwards. But as cases surged post-Diwali, the government has decided to defer the reopening of schools.


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