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Curfew restrictions only for commoners? Surat police’s night party raises eyebrows

  • Farewell party held for Surat police inspector AP Salaiya sees COVID and curfew norms being set aside

The Surat police are in controversy after pictures emerged of a farewell party being held at a farmhouse in the night for police inspector AP Salaiya. The inspector was being transferred from Siganpor in Surat.

The party happened at a time when a curfew is in place and the government has also issued strict orders stating that marriages and other functions including gatherings cannot happen during curfew timings.

The picture of the farewell party also showed that COVID norms had been set aside. It is also alleged that guests also included non-police officials. An inquiry has been ordered into the same by Surat police commissioner Ajay Tomar.

The incident has emerged at a time when Surat and Gujarat are slowly getting a grip over the COVID pandemic. The party was held at Kumkum Farm House in Dhaboli in Siganpor area on Wednesday from 8.30 to 10.30 pm. The PI was being transferred to the economic wing of the Surat police.

How the Surat police’s party came to light

The entire matter came to light after videos and photographs of the same emerged on social media. When contacted the police inspector AP Salaiya accused the media of creating a controversy where none existed. If sources are to be believed, though an inquiry has been ordered nothing is expected to come of it since policemen themselves are involved.

The Gujarat government has imposed a curfew in 36 cities of the state including Gujarat after a surge in COVID cases to help control the situation. The curfew is applicable from 8 pm to 6 am although from May 27 the timings have been reduced from 9pm to 6 am. Gujarat recorded over 3000 COVID cases on Wednesday.


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