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COVID guidelines violated at cop’s birthday party in Kutch, complaint against 5 policemen


A complaint has been filed against a police inspector and four constables in Anjar Police Station for violation of COVID guidelines at a birthday celebration in Kutch.

The complaint was filed after a video of the birthday celebration that happened a fortnight ago went viral.

The five cops were part of the birthday celebrations that were held at a farmhouse in Anjar. The video shows the celebration sans any mask and dancing as well as the bursting of firecrackers. All five cops were part of the celebration. The five constables are with the Crime Branch while the police inspector is posted in Surat. The constables have been suspended.

An investigation is on in the incident.

Police said one Deep Hirabhai had organized a birthday party on May 14 at a farmhouse in Anjar for his friend and constable Babubhai.

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In all, eight people had participated in the celebration, and firecrackers were also burst. None of the attendees had masks on.

Police and COVID guideline violations

Earlier the Surat police got into a controversy after pictures emerged of a farewell party being held at a farmhouse in the night for police inspector AP Salaiya. The inspector was being transferred from Siganpor in Surat.

The party happened at a time when a curfew is in place and the government has also issued strict orders stating that marriages and other functions including gatherings cannot happen during curfew timings.

The picture of the farewell party also showed that COVID guidelines had been set aside. It is also alleged that guests also included non-police officials. An inquiry has been ordered into the same by Surat police commissioner Ajay Tomar.


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