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As cases surge, COVID data discrepancy in Gujarat surfaces again


Gujarat is witnessing a surge in COVID cases and it seems data manipulation is being seen as the best way to control the situation.

Take for example the Vadodara Municipal Corporation (VMC) COVID statistics for the last 24 hours on Thursday. The VMC statistics show that COVID cases in the city are close to 400 while the state government data shows mere 292 cases. Thus the discrepancy is not of a few cases but a whopping 99 cases.

As per the VMC as of March 31, the total COVID cases in the city and rural areas is 28,780 of which a single day case was 391.

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Up to April 1, 5 pm the VMC had done 5,531 tests of which 391 were positive but the state figures show that in Vadodara COVID cases were 99 less than what the VMC data showed. It seems the discrepancy points towards efforts at hiding data.

2020 COVID accusations

Earlier too at the peak of COVID cases in 2020, Congress had accused the state government of data manipulation to show that everything was under control. The Congress had also shown data from crematoriums to show that the government’s COVID death figures were not right as crematoriums showed an unusual surge in bodies being cremated.

Moreover, hospital death figures also allegedly do not match the COVID death statistics being released by the state.



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