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Court rejects bail of accused who stole 3 lakh litre crude oil by puncturing IOC pipeline


Aaquib Chhipa, Ahmedabad: A local court in Ahmedabad has rejected the bail of a man who allegedly stole 3 lakh litre crude oil worth Rs60 lakh by puncturing a pipeline of Indian Oil Corporation Limited (IOCL).

The court while rejecting the bail of Ismail Modan said the accused is involved in an offence where there is a provision for capital punishment too. The man is accused of being involved in an offence that is against the country, society, and national property. His anticipatory bail plea was also rejected earlier.

The man put public life in danger and other accused involved in the offence are yet to be arrested and hence court was not inclined to grant bail.

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This sort of offence cannot be taken lightly, the court said. The accused is booked under the Damage To Public Property Act, Petroleum & Minerals Pipeline Amendment Act 2011, and several other provisions of IPC.

Oil theft: What state argued

The public prosecutor argued before the court that the accused is a history-sheeter and has been booked for similar kinds of offences earlier too. The accused damaged public property worth Rs60 lakh by stealing 3 lakh litre crude oil from the IOC pipeline in Bareja. The investigation is at a preliminary stage and other accused are yet to be arrested and hence bail should be denied.

Oil theft: What accused argued

The advocate appearing for the accused submitted before the court that the applicant is not named in the FIR and was arrested on the statement of co-accused involved in the case. The applicant has no role in the offence, he is just involved in the business of oil. Nothing has been recovered or discovered from the applicant and being a resident of Ahmedabad, he will not run away if granted bail and so it should be given to him.

A complaint was registered against the accused who allegedly punctured the IOCL pipeline near Bareja. As the oil pressure got low due to the thievery, the engineer of the company registered a complaint with the police.
The stolen oil was taken through pipelines that were going into farms near the area. Police lodged a complaint against both the owner of the land from where the pipelines were connected.


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