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Man accuses 4 including Corporation Bank manager of cheating him of Rs1.4 crore


Tulsiram Pasi, who was acquitted in the LD Engineering College Hostel murder case, has accused a mother-son duo in connivance with a bank manager of cheating him of Rs1.40 crore.

Pasi has filed a complaint with Sabarmati police station against four people including three women.

As per the complaint, the lady manager of Corporation Bank had told the victim that money given by the education trust for the purchase of land had been deposited in his account. But since the bank was being merged with Union Bank and technical migration was going on she did not update the same in Pasi’s passbook citing technical problems.

Pasi, 45, a resident of Thaltej in the complaint has accused one Jigar Tuli, his mother Veena, wife Sapna, and Corporation Bank Ranip branch manager Puja Shah of cheating him of Rs1.40 crore.

The complaint states that Pasi got Rs1.4 crore from the sale of ancestral land in the Gujarat University area which an education society decided to buy.

Since Pasi himself was not educated he got Jigar Tuli to help him with the deal.

How the cheating took place 

Tuli encouraged him to open an account with Corporation Bank stating that other banks won’t allow him to withdraw more than Rs1 lakh when he needed the money. As a result, Pasi opened an account with Corporation Bank’s Ranip branch as Tuli’s mother Veena’s friend worked there.

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Pasi was introduced to bank manager Puja Shah. The account was opened and some days later Rs55 lakh cheque was deposited in the account after part of the land deal payment was made.

Pasi then got a message stating that Rs3 lakh from his account was transferred to Veena’s account. When Pasi confronted Tuli he called it a technical fault, which was also confirmed by bank manager Puja Shah.

After the rest of the payment for the land deal was made, Rs1.41 crore was deposited in his account but bank mangar Puja told him that the balance was Rs1.30 crore.

She said Tuli had taken Rs10 lakh for himself. She also did not update his passbook.

On November 30, when Pasi tried to get his passbook updated, the bank manager told him that it was a bank holiday in Corporation Bank.

On December 12, when Pasi got the bank statement he found that the Rs1.4 crore was transferred to Tuli’s account, his mother Veenaben, and others accounts.

Tuli later refused to take Pasi’s call while bank manager Puja Shah said it was not the bank’s fault as the money was transferred online through a mobile phone. Sabarmati police are investigating the same.

(Image: Accused Jigar Tuli and his wife Sapna)


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