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2 members of the notorious Arvind Bika gang nabbed in Surat


Two members of the Arvind Bika Gang were nabbed by the Surat Crime Branch on Thursday. The gang had two years ago fired at members of the Ahmedabad Crime Branch.

The cops also recovered two loaded pistols and 3 cartridges from the duo. The gang is behind several loot and house break-in incidents in Rajasthan and Gujarat.

Officials said the gang was involved in the theft of diamonds from Mahidharpur where the members had threatened a person with weapons and looted the precious stones. 

They are also involved in several house break-ins in Gujarat. They also have cases under the Arms Act registered against them in Rajasthan.

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The cops arrested Govardhansinh alias Pintusinh Rajput and Vinaysinh Rajput from Lal Darwaza Jilani bridge following a tip-off. 

Interrogations revealed that the duo planned to execute some crime in Surat. The two also confessed to being behind the house break-in at Mahidharpur Road.

Pintu told the cops that he was with a gang member Devsinh when cops at Pindwara police station in Rajasthan nabbed them. Pintu managed to escape along with his other co-conspirator Jagdish.

What is the Arvind Bika Gang

Cops said that the Arvind Bika Gang is very notorious in Rajasthan and is believed to have over 100 criminals associated with it for several years. They mainly operate in Gujarat and Rajasthan. Police said the gang is also notorious for firing at cops. 

A house break-in involving theft of valuables worth Rs1 crore in Bangalore is also believed to be the handiwork of this gang. Police said members of the gang were earlier associated with the Anandpal gang, whose leader was killed in an encounter. 


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