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Alert auto driver & cops together trace missing child


An alert auto driver helped cops trace a 10-year-old missing child who had been lost over a week ago. Sola police have sent the child for a medical test and prima facie it seems she was not harmed.

Pasi Valmiki, a resident of a slum near Hebatpur Railway line had filed a complaint with the Sola Police stating that her 10-year-old niece had gone missing.

Sola Police began a campaign on social media to propagate pictures of the missing child and whom to contact in case someone located her.

Cops also formed separate teams to look for the child but failed to get any results. They then got 5,000 posters of the child printed and distributed them in important locations in the city.

Cops even sent a team of 70 to look for the child in a deserted area close to where she was lost. They even used drones in the search operation.

How the missing child was found?

On Sunday, cops got a phone call from Chatral Valmiki Vaas informing them that an auto driver Imran had found a girl who looked similar to the one who had gone missing and whose pictures went viral on social media.

Cops soon found that the auto driver who is handicapped had indeed found the lost child.

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Imran, the auto driver told the police that he found the child near the Chhatral petrol pump where she had flagged down his auto. The child who has difficulty speaking indicated that she wanted to go to Patan. Imran told her that he cannot go there. The driver also realised that the child was specially-abled and decided to ensure that she is safely taken to her home.

Imran took the missing child to the Valmiki Chali and asked the residents to help him locate the child’s relatives. A youth in the slum realised that the child’s picture had been forwarded on Whatsapp and he contacted the police through the number given in it.

Sola Police said that had it not been for the alertness displayed by the auto driver it would have been very difficult to trace the missing child. Police are still investigating as to why the child left home or if she was lured by someone and where did she stay in the intervening week when she was missing.


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