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Congress stages walkout during PM Modi’s address in Parliament


Angry protests rocked the Parliament during Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s response to the Motion of Thanks on the President’s address.

The Congress staged a walkout after an altercation as Modi called the protests inside the Parliament a “planned strategy to drown out reason and hide the truth.”

The protests began as Modi began to speak about farmers. He said the government respects farmers and will continue to do so as the Opposition began its protest. The Opposition leaders have criticised Modi calling the protesting farmers Andolanjeevi and Parjeevi during his last address.

“The farm laws will not bring down any farmers. No mandi has been shut or Minimum Support Prices (MSPs) have been stopped,” Modi said during his address.

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He said the MSP was increased after the farm laws were formed and that it allows for farmers to sell their goods wherever they want.

Modi takes a jibe at Congress

Commenting on the Congress, Modi said, “ No matter how much you try to sabotage it, you will fail to do so, because the truth is out there, that the farmers have not lost anything since the laws came into effect.”

He called the Opposition as confused and divided.

“ You want to shout inside Parliament, just as you do outside, then please go ahead, but hiding behind lies will never get you anywhere,” Modi said.

During his address he said India has to become a world leader in the post-Covid world. He also talked about India’s battle against the COVID-19 disease and the country’s response. He also touched upon the Republic Day violence and the international reaction to the farmer’s protest.

Earlier, in a veiled attack on foreign governments and international celebrities lending their support to the ongoing farmers’ protest, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Monday said the country needs to exercise caution from foreign influences. PM Modi termed the same as “foreign destructive ideology”—a spin on the term foreign direct investment.


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