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Class 9 student in Nikol raped by tuition teacher’s husband


A class 9 student in Nikol was allegedly raped by the husband of her tuition teacher. The man had then threatened to kill the child who then went mum. It was only when the family noticed that the child had become withdrawn and coaxed her out of her silence that she told them of what had appended. The mother then filed a complaint with the Nikol Police station. The accused has been nabbed.

How the rape happened

As per the complaint the accused’s wife used to run tuition at home in Nikol a year ago. Students used to go to the woman’s house to study. One Sunday the teacher had a test and since she was busy, her husband took the test. The children left the house after the test but he asked the class 9 students to stay back. The man took advantage of the fact that his wife was out and the child was alone with him and raped the kid.

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The man then threatened to kill her if she told anyone of the same. The girl went home and never uttered a word about the same. The child however had withdrawn and gone silent and this worried the family who later coaxed her to speak to them.

She then told her family of what had happened following which her mother filed a complaint with Nikol Police. The cops nabbed the husband of the tuition teacher. The accused was identified as Jagdish Ghelani. Cops are also trying to find out if Ghelani had raped or molested any other students.


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