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Christmas, New Year celebrations? Here’s what you need to know


The Gujarat government has issued guidelines for Christmas and New year celebrations in the state. The state in a notification said that churches and other religious places can allow for only less than 200 people.

No procession or prayers will be allowed in public places. The state also said that there will be no relaxation in curfew timings even during the New Year.
It is also keeping a special watch on farmhouses outside the city to keep an eye on alcohol parties and whether COVID protocols are being followed or not.

Other measures during New Year

The state has also said that gatherings on the as is the norm around SG Highway and CG road during the New Year will also not be allowed this year.

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Clubs will also not be able to host New Year parties late into the night.

The cops will also keep a watch on whether the prohibition rules are being followed or not during the New Year celebrations.

The cops had earlier said that no permission will be given for any New Year or Christmas party in the city. The prohibition drive will also be intensified.

The government imposed a night curfew in four cities- Rajkot, Ahmedabad, Surat, Vadodara- to help curb the surge in COVID cases post-Diwali. 

The night curfew was to come to an end on December 8 at midnight. But the government decided to continue with it, particularly in Ahmedabad, where the city is still battling a surge in cases.

Earlier DCP, Control, Harshad Patel at a press conference in December said that Christmas and New Year celebrations cannot be held past 9 pm. Celebrations are allowed during the day provided they follow COVID guidelines. 


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