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CCTV shows 3 men trying to break open cash deposit machine of SBI in Ahmedabad


The CCTV in a bank has captured some men trying to break open the cash deposit machine of the State Bank Of India (SBI) in Navrangpura. The CCTV visuals showed that the three men were unsuccessful in their attempts.

As per the complaint, Pankaj Jhajata, the bank manager of the SBI branch in Navrangpura and a resident of Iskon Platinum in Bopal had on May 7 closed the branch at 2 pm. May 8 and 9 were a holiday and when he returned to the branch on May 10 the security guard informed him that someone had tried to break open the cash deposit box in the ATM.

The CCTV showed three men trying to pry open the box with metal rods but were unsuccessful. Navrangpura police are investigating the matter.

Other crimes caught on CCTV

In July last year tired of the constant small thefts happening in his home, a chartered accountant had installed CCTV cameras at his place and caught his maid red-handed for stealing. Later neighbours had also complained of things going missing from their place too after the woman was nabbed.

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The incident happened at Ratnakar Altirum in Anandnangar where Gopal Shah, a chartered accountant, lived with his wife, children, parents, and brother. A woman, Asha Chauhan, had been working as a maid in his house for the last six months. He used CCTV to catch her when she stole money from the cupboard in his room.

On July 1, Chauhan went to Shah’s penthouse to clean it and she went to his brother Parth’s room. Thinking that she is alone she opened the cupboard and took out the cash kept in there. Shah immediately informed the police who came and arrested Chauhan. Police recovered 65,000 in cash and a diamond necklace worth Rs 30,000 from the maid.


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