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Broker accuses 2 from Popular Builders’ family of threatening him with a gun, cheating


Yet another case has been registered against a member of the Popular Builders’ family. The Popular Builders is jointly owned by the brothers Raman, Dashrath and Chhagan Patel.

The brothers already have several cases of cheating and land grab against them. This time an application with the Anandnagar Police Station accuses Prathmesh and Vikram Patel, sons of Chhagan Patel, and four others of intimidation, threat and cheating.

As per the application, Prathmesh and Vikram took Rs 85 lakh from the applicant to sell their land in Godhavi. But despite paying part of the money, they did not transfer the land in the applicant’s name.

The applicant alleged that when he asked for a return of Rs85 lakh, the duo and others kidnapped him, threatened him with a revolver and forcefully got his signature on a blank stamp paper.

The complaint has been made by Bharat Chela, a resident of Kadi Veji village in Bavla taluka of Ahmedabad. Chela works as a broker.

How the Popular Builders’ threatened the broker

The complaint states that Prathmesh Patel of Popular Builders called Chela at his home to help sell his land in Godhavi.

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A deal was struck for Rs1.1 crore in the presence of Chaggan Patel and his sons Prathmesh and Vikram Patel. Chela gave Rs10 lakh in cheque and Rs75 lakh in cash as part of the deal.

On October 20, 2018, the Patels finalised part of the documentation but continued to dilly dally on finishing it. Eventually, they refused to honour the deal.

Even after two years when the Patels showed no inclination to get the land officially registered in the name of Chela, he went to the Popular Builders’ house on September 15, 2020, and demanded the brothers to return his money.

Prathmesh Patel agreed to return the money the next day. As decided, Chela went to meet the brothers at City Gold Cinema to collect his money at 2 pm.

Prathmesh, his brother Vikram and four others came in two cars and forced Chela into one of the cars.

An unknown person in the car threatened Chela with a gun and took him to the Popular Builders’ office in Sindhu Bhavan.

There, they beat up Chela and locked him up in a room. They took his signature on a blank paper, a blank stamp paper and notary book. They also threatened to kill his family if he told anyone of the incident.

Anandnagar police said they have an application in this connection and if a primary probe reveals that a crime has been perpetrated, a case will also be registered.


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