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BJP changes candidate for Nava Vadaj at the last moment


The BJP has changed its candidate for the Nava Vadaj ward in Ahmedabad after it emerged that he had been allegedly earlier booked under PASA.

The party got a representation from workers stating that the candidate they had selected for the ward had been booked under PASA. The earlier candidate was Baddev Desai and later he was replaced with Vijay Panchal.

The party had two days ago announced Baddev Desai as the candidate for the ward. This was opposed by another group in the area led by supporters of Jignesh Patel.

The opponents told the party about their displeasure with the selection and how Desai was allegedly earlier booked under PASA.

Vijay Panchal was soon announced as the replacement candidate in place of Baldev Desai and he had to file the nomination forms at the last moment. Jignesh Patel has been put up as the dummy candidate for the party.

BJP’s problem in Nava Vadaj

Sources said groups led by both former corporators Ramesh Desai and Jignesh Patel were competing against each other to ensure that the other did not get a ticket. The two groups brought in their junior workers to contest the polls and lobby for a ticket.

Initially, the BJP announced that Baddev Desai, a member of the Ramesh Desai group, will be given the ticket but this was protested by the Jignesh Patel group.

The group had written to all the top leaders and the matter had even reached the big shots in Gujarat BJP who finally decided to announce another candidate.




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