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Crowd celebrates birthday during curfew in Nikol and cut cake with swords!


With a curfew in place in 36 cities and towns of Gujarat to control the spread of COVID, a crowd gathered in Nikol in the dead of the night for a birthday celebration. They then went on to cut several birthday cakes with a sword.

Nikol police have booked a case against two people after a video of the same went viral. What is interesting is that the video shows several people but the cops have booked a case against only two.

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The video is of a common plot in Lal Krushna Apartment in Nikol. The birthday celebration happened on Monday at 10 pm and a crowd had gathered. The crowd cheered and shouted and used swords to cut the cake but the police remained blissfully ignorant.

A video of the same also went viral on social people with a tag about #kingofnikol. What is interesting is that the crowd did not follow COVID protocol and no one in the video had a mask either.

The Nikol police swung into action only after the video was brought to the notice of the top cops. Cops have booked Nilesh Dantani and one Mahesh Patni.

Curfew in Gujarat

The Gujarat government had on May 4 announced an extension of the curfew to 36 towns and cities of Gujarat. The curfew was to be valid from 8 pm to 6 am. The government had initially put the eight municipal corporations under curfew and later extended it to 29 towns and cities.

But later it extended to cover Deesa, Ankleshwar, Vapi, Modasa, Radhanpur, Kadi, and Visnagar among others. Thus, all 36 towns and cities will now be under curfew in the state.


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