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Bharuch man successfully beats COVID despite 100% lung infection

  • Had an oxygen concentration of 60 but yet did not need a ventilator

While tales of even young people succumbing to COVID are doing the rounds, a patient in Bharuch who had 100% infection in the lungs and an oxygen concentration of 60 managed to successfully beat COVID.

Doctors who treated him said the determination and willpower to get well was part of the reason why he managed to recover despite such poor health parameters.

Irshad Sheikh, a resident of Dumwada in Surat was under treatment at Lokhat Hospital in Surat for 20 days before successfully recovering from COVID.

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His treating physician Dr. Bhavik Desai said that he was admitted to the hospital in Surat after initially being treated in Bharuch where his situation had deteriorated.

Why lung infection recovery is rare?

His CT scan report showed 100% infection in his lungs and he had an oxygen level of 60. Despite providing him with oxygen his levels initially only reached 80. His parents had also been infected and he lost his mother to COVID.

Dr. Desai said it is rare for COVID patients with 100% lung infection to recover. Dr. Desai said the patient however displayed extremely strong willpower and this coupled with the treatment helped him recover. In fact. He did not even require ventilator support. He also clarified that there have been cases of patients with a lung infection of 80% recovering but 100% infection recovery was rare.

The family had lost hope that he would recover but he surprised everyone.


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