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A 72-minute talk with hubby pushed Ayesha into the Sabarmati River!


Shahbaz Sheikh/Zainul Ansari: When a woman jumped into the Sabarmati a few days ago, it was yet another suicide in the city. But what pushed Ayesha, a school and college topper to take the extreme step to end her life? She left behind a video message before she killed herself.

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Investigations have revealed that the woman had been at tethers end owing to harassment by her husband. On the day she killed herself, Ayesha left her home at 9 am with a smile on her face.

Before ending her life, Ayesha made one last-ditch effort to bring her ruined married life back on track. She called up her husband and talked to him for 72 minutes in which her husband Arif encouraged her to kill herself.

“If you are planning to die tomorrow then do it today. Your death won’t matter to me. Before you die send me a video and ensure that I am not blamed for it,” Arif reportedly told his estranged wife.

A shattered Ayesha called up her father and said her husband was not willing to work on their marriage and that she was now planning to kill herself. Ayesha’s father Liyaqat Makrani tried to convince his daughter to return home but failed when she jumped into the river.

What Ayesha’s father said

In a talk with Gujarat Exclusive, Liyaqat said his son-in-law used to pick fights with his daughter within two months of marriage. The in-laws also demanded dowry. “My daughter put up with the abuse as she wanted to save her marriage. She also told us that her husband had another affair. When she took it up with her in-laws they scolded her,” said Liyaqat.

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He said to save his daughter’s marriage he paid Rs1.5 lakh in cash as dowry but they still sent her home not happy with their dowry demand not being met.

Community leaders had also intervened to help resolve the issue. Ayesha also decided to better her life and was working at a private firm in Shahibaug.

Ayesha- a bright student, a love marriage

Ayesh was a BA student who was a topper in her school and college but had quit after her husband asked her not to study once she was engaged.

A resident of Vatva, Liyaqat works as a tailor and supports his family. Ayesha met her husband Arif in Rajasthan during a visit to the state and the two fell in love. Since Arif’s parents also liked her both families decided to get them married.

Ayesha before jumping into the Sabarmati from the Riverfront had sent a video to her husband. Liyaqat said Arif made the video viral to save himself. Arif and his family have since then been absconding. A team from Ahmedabad is in Rajasthan to nab Arif and his family. Rajasthan police are also on the lookout for Arif.


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