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AMC gears up for COVID vaccination drive, trains 682 teams


The AMC is gearing up for the COVID vaccination drive that will come into force immediately after India approves any of the COVID vaccines under trial.

The civic body has already trained 682 teams for the COVID vaccination drive. Each team is expected to vaccinate 100 people in a day. Sources in the know said the AMC can vaccinate at least 50000 people in a day and if needed it can ensure that close to Rs2 lakh people are vaccinated in a day.

The civic body has also identified 300 schools as centers for vaccination. This is because the civic body needs to ensure social distancing among all those who come to get vaccinated. Moreover, the protocol also requires that those who are vaccinated are kept under observation for 30 minutes. As a result, AMC has chosen schools as vaccination centers as they will have facilities for people to sit.

The AMC on Wednesday also organized a seminar on COVID vaccination in association with WHO and 30 private hospitals in the city. The seminar among other things discussed how vaccines will be distributed to private hospitals and how to deal with the side effects of the vaccine.

COVID Vaccination dry run

The state health department on December 28 & 29 carried out dry run/mock COVID vaccination in which 475 people participated. The dry run was carried out in Gandhinagar and Rajkot. The health department said that four states were chosen for the dry run – Gujarat, Andhra Pradesh, Punjab, and Assam.

The state health department has said that vaccines will be made available in a short period and it has also formed a special task force of experts – Dr. Navin Thakkar, head of the pediatric association in the state, Dr. Nischal Bhatt pediatrician, Dr. Sapan Pandya, Immunologist, and Dr. Bhadresh Vyas, HOD of the Jamnagar Guru Govind College for the same.


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