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AIMIM’s Gomtipur ward candidate Altaf Basi has a criminal history


AIMIM that promised to give Muslims in Gujarat a better option has given a ticket to a candidate in Gomtipur Ward who has had a criminal history.

The candidate Altaf Basi’s named had cropped up in a murder case three years ago and he had spent some time in jail for that.

Though AIMIM claimed to have the backing of Muslims in the city the party failed to find four candidates each in Khadia and Dariyapur. The party has put up candidates in Jamalpur, Behrampura, West Maktampura, and Gomtipur wards of the city as well.

Gomtipur has been a Congress bastion for long. The ward which has domination of Muslim and backward caste voters has historically backed the Congress. But the AIMIM giving a ticket to Altaf Basi has raised questions about their promise to provide a better alternative to the voters in these areas.

What is the case against AIMIM’s Altaf Basi

Basi was involved in an alleged murder where a person was shot at following an altercation. The incident happened three years ago. Altaf Basi had been absconding for two months since the incident and then had surrendered before the court and had been in jail for quite some time.

Apart from murder, Altaf Basi has had cases about violence, threat, and extortion registered against him.

For the voters in Gomtipur, the demands are very basic – to provide better roads, gutter, and other infra facilities. The AIMIM’s candidates in Gomtipur also include Afreen Pathaan, Nasiya Ansari, and Sufiyana Rajput.

How AIMIM performs will soon be revealed once the results are out.



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