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Gujarat civic body polls: AIMIM wins 9 seats in Modasa nagarpalika


The AIMIM which won seven seats in the municipal corporation elections has now won nine seats in the Modasa Nagarpalika elections. The party had put up candidates for 12 seats of which it won nine.

The AIMIM has now emerged as the Opposition in the Modasa nagarpalika dislodging the Congress.

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The Modasa nagarpalika has been won by BJP for yet another term. The nine wards in the nagarpalika have 36 seats of which AIMIM’s panel of four candidates for each of Ward no 7 & 8 won the entire four seats in each ward. One of its candidates in Ward no 6 also won a seat thus giving it 9 seats in all. The other three seats were won by Congress in Ward no 6.

AIMIM in AMC elections

The party had in all contested 21 seats from different wards of Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation. Of this, AIMIM lost in Behrampura, Khadiya, Gomtipur, and Dariyapur and won seven seats from two wards of Jamalpur and Maktampura ward.

The party had also put up 20 more candidates for the taluka and district panchayat elections in Modasa and Godhra Nagarpalika. Both Godhra and Modasa have a large number of minority-dominated localities.


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