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Ahmedabad Police turn to thievery in city! Read to know why?


On Tuesday, Ahmedabad police in the city turned to thievery and happily made away with valuables of those out for shopping.

No, the cops were not attempting to earn additional income but were trying to warn citizens about how thieves operate and take advantage of the crowd as people go out for shopping during Diwali.

The move to turn thieves was part of the cop’s awareness campaign for citizens to help them realise how easy it is to steal things if they are not aware of their surroundings. 

The campaign was to create awareness about thefts and kidnappings that can happen during Diwali shopping and the resultant crowd.

The cops this year too managed to steal purses and several other valuables from unsuspecting commuters. They then returned the things to the original owners warning them to be aware and be careful of pickpockets and thieves.

Police plan of action this Diwali

The cops have also stationed a She Team at various shopping venues as women are most likely to go out for festive shopping. The aim is to prevent all sorts of crime including eve-teasing and thefts.

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The cops will be stationed in civvies in Bhadra, Lal Darwaja, Dariyapur, Kalupur among others.

Usually, a gang of pickpockets get active during Diwali. Cops have also held meetings with Jewellers and Angadia owners to keep an eye to prevent any sort of crime.

The cops have also made data of gangs that are operational in the city to keep an eye on them and have also formed special squads for the same. It has also put up awareness posters in such areas.


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