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AAP’s ‘guarantee card’ says it will replicate ‘Delhi Model’ of education in Ahmedabad


As the city gears up for the civic body polls in Gujarat, the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) on Wednesday declared its ‘guarantee card’ that promised action on eight issues like education, property tax among others for citizens in Ahmedabad.

AAP Gujarat said it will replicate the ‘Delhi Model’ which will provide high-quality level education in government schools in Ahmedabad if they win the Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation elections.

Further, the party said they will have English, Hindi, Gujarati, and Marathi language schools in every ward.
AAP claims that it will begin Mohalla clinics in every ward of Ahmedabad and will decrease property tax by 50% to provide relief to the people. It will also eradicate water and professional tax.

The guarantee card of AAP states that it will issue students, women, policemen, the disabled, and several others a free pass to travel in the city. Special sports complexes will be established in each ward of the city. A separate sports complex will be made available for women.

The guarantee card says that it will focus more on tree plantation and recycling of water along with cleaning of canals and rivers in Ahmedabad. AAP said that it will bring transparency to the budget by making its details available to the citizens.

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AAP aims to establish mini-fair stations in each ward and it will develop ruined lakes including Chandola lake which is flooded with unauthorized constructions.

AAP in Gujarat Civic Body polls

Delhi deputy chief minister Manish Sisodia has said that the AAP is confident of performing well in the upcoming civic body polls and defeating the BJP.

Earlier, addressing a press conference in Ahmedabad, Sisodia said BJP and Congress were part of the same coin. He said the AAP has taken on the BJP twice before and has emerged victorious and they were confident of repeating it in Gujarat.


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