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AAP corporators oppose ‘anti-people’ policy of SMC, protests, detained


AAP leader and opposition leader in the Surat Municipal Corporation (SMC) Dharmesh Bhandari sat on an indefinite fast in the deputy mayor’s chamber to protest the anti-people decision taken during the budget session of the civic body.

Though the AAP opposed the same, the BJP continued with the policy on the back of its majority in the civic body, the party said.

Bhandari said that on Tuesday’s agenda for the budget, the Surat Textile Market Co-operative Shops and Warehousing Society Ltd was given a very pricey land just for Rs2.10 per sq mt on lease for 99 years.

He said this would mean a severe monetary loss for the SMC. He said at a time when the government was upping jantri rates, the SMC was giving away precious land at a pittance, and that too for such a long lease period. He said this amounted to robbing the civic body and in turn the people of their income.

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He said while the businessmen were being gifted lands, the common people were being slapped with the water bill. He said under the 24X7 scheme water meters were being installed so that water usage can be charged. He said the bills should be cancelled.

He said instead of reviewing the two decisions, the BJP bulldozed its way on the matter to aid its close friends in the business community.

AAP opposes online meet

The AAP also opposed the SMC’s move to conduct the meetings of corporators online alleging that if the Loksabha and Vidhan Sabha can function physically then even the general meeting of the civic body can be held in person and not online.

AAP alleged that the online meeting was done to ensure that the BJP’s proposals were not rejected. An argument ensued between AAP and SMC office bearers. The SMC later called the police which detained the 27 corporators.



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