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9 children die in Kota hospital in past 24 hours


Nine children have died at the Jaykalon Children Hospital in Kota in the past 24 hours allegedly due to lack of care.

Five of the children died on Wednesday, while four breathed their last on Thursday. Collector Ujjwal Rathor rushed to the hospital on hearing about the incident.

The parents of the deceased children told the collector that the staff did not take proper care of the children and that the attending doctors did not come to check on the ailing children.

Dr. S Dulara, Superintendent of the Jaykalon Hospital said three of the children were ‘ brought dead’ when they came to the hospital.

Three children were born with grave congenital problems. One of the newborns had a severe problem in the brain and another had a hydrated head. The two kids brought from Bundi had a septic shock which is a sort of infection. And another had sugar-related problems.

He said a team of doctors will thoroughly conduct an inquiry and will submit a report.

Death of children reported last year too  

According to reports last year in December, 10 children died in 48 hours and after these deaths parents and the family members raised a hue and cry. The Centre also sent a team of doctors and officials to inquire about death.

The state government also sent its team from Jaipur and the two teams found that the head of the pediatric department Dr. Amrit Lal Berwa had shown negligence which caused the deaths. He was transferred from Kota.

Urban development minister Shanti Dhariwal also faced a lot of criticism for failing to show up at the hospital despite the high number of deaths.

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Dhariwal is the Congress MLA from the city.

Hospital superintendent, Dr. SC Dular said on average 60 to 100 children die at the hospital every month due to various congenital diseases. He said on average two to five children die each day, but the death of nine children in 24 hours was a cause for concern

BJP MLA, Sandee Sharma said the hospital administration should be held accountable for the deaths. He said the number of attending doctors was low and the children suffered from a lack of timely intervention.

After the high number of children’s death in December last year, the number of doctors was increased but later they were transferred to other hospitals.

The medical college attached to the hospital has just a professor and an associate professor in the pediatric department. The department caters to 230 children and the paucity of doctors is impacting the service.


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