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4 bodies in one ambulance in Gandhinagar await cremation


A picture of an ambulance carrying four bodies of deceased patients, including a woman, at a crematorium in Gandhinagar has raised questions about the availability of infrastructure to ferry the dead in the state capital.

When reports of four bodies in one ambulance emerged in local newspapers, the administration denied the same.

But a picture has now emerged which not only shows the ambulance with its driving licence number but also four bodies placed in it. 

The state capital has seen 621 deaths due to COVID-19 since April 10. As per crematorium figures, in November alone 170 COVID-19 deceased have been cremated.

While the state government in its daily report did not show any deaths in Gandhinagar, mayor Rita Patel had, while talking to the media, said that the capital city was seeing at least one death a day for the last fortnight.

SC sought report on COVID-19 in Gujarat

The Supreme Court had earlier slammed the Gujarat government over rise in COVID-19 cases.

The court remarked: “The Gujarat situation is next to Delhi. Worse situation. What action has been taken? What is happening in your state? What steps are you taking with respect to political events?”

The Supreme Court also demanded a status report from Gujarat, Delhi, Assam and Maharashtra in 48 hours over the spike in COVID-19 cases. The report it said should contain the present pandemic situation in the state, information about management of patients and steps taken to ease the situation.


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