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357 COVID vaccine doses wasted in 4 cities of Gujarat


Three hundred fifty seven doses of COVID vaccine ( Covishield) were found to have been wasted in the four big cities of Gujarat after two days of the COVID vaccination drive, local media reports said.

Gujarat got 5.34 lakh doses of Astra-Zeneca’s Covishield vaccine in two batches on January 12 and 13. The report citing experts said some wastage is inevitable and the supply takes this into consideration. 38 doses were discarded in Rajkot alone.

Experts said the acceptable wastage factor for readymade vaccines was around 10%.

Earlier the Centre to address vaccine hesitancy, allowed the digital platform to allow willing health workers to take doses even if they were not scheduled to. It also decided to hand out provisional first-dose certificates.

Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu, Haryana, Bihar and Assam has said vaccine hesitancy was leading to doses being wasted. This is because vials need to be used up within four hours once opened.

In Delhi alone 1,000 doses were wasted after opened vials were discarded for want of enough recipients.

COVID vaccine in Gujarat

The COVID vaccination was held at 161 centers across Gujarat on day 1 of the driver and 11,800 healthcare workers, including senior doctors, were among those who received the jab. The target was to inoculate 16,000 people on Day 1

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The Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation had set up 20 centers on Day 1 on the vaccination, the maximum to be set up in a district. But it fell short of its first-day target by 1000.

Close to 7.83 lakh people have registered for the first phase of COVID vaccination in Ahmedabad of which, 6,55,317 were above 50 years of age. 19,920 healthcare workers from 2,192 private hospitals and clinics and 33,762 healthcare workers from government health facilities have also registered for the jab.


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