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3 women, 2 men held for luring youth in honeytrap


Police nabbed five people including three women trying to honeytrap a youth and extort money from him.

One of the women got the youth involved in a love affair with her. She then called him to meet her. When he came, she and her associates kidnapped him.

They then forced the youth to have his naked pictures taken with the woman. The kidnappers which included three women then went to the Naroda police station to file a rape complaint against the youth.

Unfortunately for the women, the Kalol police who were looking for the abducted youth also reached the Naroda police station and blew the lid of the entire honeytrap incident.

The accused also wanted the youth to withdraw a maintenance case that his sister had filed against them.

How the honeytrap was set?

As per case details the youth Ramesh (name changed) originally belongs to Jadi village in Banaskantha. He lives in Mehsana.

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Five years ago he got his sister Rekha (name changed) married to a man in Tharad. As per the Sata-Pata system, Ramesh was to in return marry the man’s sister. The two also got engaged.

But within two years, Rekha’s in-laws threw her out of her marital home. Rekha then filed a case of maintenance against her husband. Her in-laws were angry at the same and they laid the honeytrap trap for Ramesh as revenge.

Some days ago, Ramesh got a call from a woman named Pratiksha. The two then began to talk regularly and Pratiksha confessed to being in love with him. One day she called him for a meeting near Ambikanagar bus stand in Kalol.

Ramesh went with his brother. While he was there, Pratiksha came in a car with two women while two other men forced Ramesh to ride pillion with him.

They took him to a room in Ahmedabad, threatened him and asked him to get his sister to withdraw the maintenance case against him. They then forcefully disrobed him and asked him to disrobe Pratiksha as well.

They took pictures of the same and threatened to release them on the internet. The three women then went to Naroda Police Station to file a rape complaint against Ramesh.

Kalol police exposed honeytrap

Meanwhile, the Kalol Police which had been informed of Ramesh’s kidnap used CCTV images to trace him and reached Naroda police station as well. That is when the lid was blown off the whole scam.

Police have arrested the three women and two men involved in the incident.


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