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108 ambulances ferrying patients face over an hour’s wait at SVP Hospital


After a video of a long line of GVK EMRI, 108 Ambulances at SVP Hospital went viral, it has now emerged that lack of adequate coordination at SVP Hospital has forced the service to stay put for a long time at the premises.

Chief Operating Officer of GVK EMRI, Jashwant Prajapati said that on an average an ambulance ferrying patients to a hospital in the city stays there for 10 to 12 minutes. He said, however, this waiting time had increased considerably at the SVP Hospital for the last many days.

Ambulances with patients in them had to wait for 15 to 30 minutes and sometimes up to an hour at SVP Hospital.
“At hospital, time is very critical for emergency service professionals and we constantly monitor it. It is also monitored from the CM dashboard,” he said.

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How long waiting time impacts emergency ambulance services

Prajapati said as ambulances spend more time waiting at hospitals, the service is not able to attend calls of other COVID-19 patients.

He said once a patient is taken to a hospital, the time to attend the next call is 6 minutes to 10 minutes, but as it takes 15 minutes to an hour at SVP Hospital, other patients have to wait to be attended to.

The SVP Hospital has seen a surge in patients as the Civil Hospital has seen its ventilator rooms being utilized completely.

The COVID-19 wards of Sola Civil Hospital are also reported full thanks to a surge in cases. COVID-19 cases in the state have crossed the 1.90 mark with the state and city both registering a considerable rise in number of new COVID-19 patients. The government has said that it will open new COVID-19 facilities depending on the number of cases that are being reported.


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