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Gujarat: Irresponsible School Breaks Morale of Promising Students


Vishal Mistry, Rajpipla: Dev Bharat Shah and Vishwa Pandya, who are studying in Class 11 and 12 respectively at Rajpipla’s Rajendra School. Dev Bharat Shah came first in the district level drawing competition while Vishwa Pandya came first in district level singing competition. Both were expected to take part in the zone level drawing competition held at Narayan Guru Vidhyavihar, Bharuch and the school authorities had to accompany them to the venue. When Dev’s father contacted the school on 25/11/2019, the authorities informed him that parents will have to take their children to the competition venue. District Education Officer Nita Patel said that a teacher had been appointed to accompany the children. So, is the school misleading the Education Department Officials?

Dev’s father said that he has been ill for the last several days while Vishwa’s father had some important work. Due to which both the parents could not reach Bharuch. On the other hand, other schools in Rajpipla had sent teachers along with their students. It was the responsibility of the school to send the students for Zone level competition. Why is the school shying away from its responsibilities and not accepting its mistakes. Due to the mistake of the school authorities  these talented students were not able to take part in the Zone level competition and their dreams were shattered.

The principal in charge of Rajendra School DM Rathod said “the school has only few teachers and the applications for class 10 and 12 are being filled. In such a situation how do i manage everything? Another student is travelling with his parents, can’t they go along with him?” Saying this the principal washed his hands off the matter.

Bharath Shah the students father said “Principal in my presence had asked a teacher who was travelling to Bharuch to go to the venue and tell that the students of the school are sick and therefore cannot take part in the contest” so that the reputation of the school is not affected. When the principal of the school is telling such lies in the presence of a student and his parent, what impact will it have on the students of the schools? Vishwa’s father said that he tried to convince the school authorities to send a teacher to accompany the students, but failed.

When things turned sour, a teacher was immediately dispatched

The students were expected to reach Bharuch’s Bolava at 8:30 in the morning, but could not reach due to the unavailability of teachers. After uproar by the parents a teacher was immediately dispatched to Bharuch at 12:3o in the afternoon, but what is the point of him going there without the students?