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Mother instrumental in selling her son, high court grants custody to father


Aaquib Chhipa, Ahmedabad: Gujarat High Court has directed that the custody of a 2-year-old minor boy be given to his father after the mother was found to be instrumental in selling the child.

Gujarat High Court took note of the circumstances and observed that the mother has not only remarried but has been found to be instrumental in selling her son. The court said the welfare of the child is with the father, a guardian, and the petitioner in the case.

Gujarat High Court also directed the district and sessions judge (Rajkot) to nominate an officer who shall visit the house of the petitioner – father at least once a month for a year to inquire about the well being of the child. 

In case of an adverse report, the judge is liable to inform the high court. 

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The high court appreciated the special efforts made by the police which used the latest technology to trace the child to Tamilnadu, where he was sold off.  The petitioner is a native of a small town near Gondal in Rajkot. 

What the petitioner argued before the high court

The advocate representing the petitioner argued that as a minor the natural course would have been to permit the mother to have custody but the facts of this case are unfortunate and the custody of the child must remain with the father.

The court also ruled out the argument of the mother that she was under confinement and pointed out that she has already remarried.

The mother along with another man is accused of selling her two-year-old minor son in Tamil Nadu. The petitioner father moved Gujarat High Court to seek custody of his son.



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