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Gujarat High Court acquits 4 in cop, witness murder case


The Gujarat High Court has acquitted four people who were convicted and sentenced to life imprisonment by a trial court for the murder of two people including a Maharashtra policeman in 2001. The other victim was a panch witness who had visited Mekda village of Amreli district during an investigation.

The high court set aside the judgment of Amreli Sessions Court citing an absence of sufficient material on record. The life sentence of accused Bhabhlu Dhadhal, Jethabhai Helaiya, and two others in the murder of PSI Dethe and a punch witness Rajnikant Shah was set aside.

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A case was also filed against the deceased PSI for firing and killing two people but it was abated by the Amreli Sessions Court.

The advocate appearing for the accused submitted that the trial court had committed a grave error in convicting the accused. He argued that none of the accused were named in the FIR and neither did the investigating officer arrange for a test identification parade of the accused.

The case before the high court

On April 18, 2001 cops from Dindoli Police Station of Mumbai visited Mekda village of Amreli. When cops reached the village, a mob attacked the cops resulting in severe injuries for PSI Dethe and panch witness – Rajnikant Shah. They later succumbed to their injuries. During the incident, PSI Dethe had fired at the mob killing two people.

After this incident, two complaints were filed at the SavarKundla Police Station in Gujarat.



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