Gujarat Exclusive > Gujarat govt’s cruel joke on school students, 550 gm cereals for 11 days

Gujarat govt’s cruel joke on school students, 550 gm cereals for 11 days


Hitesh Chavda, Gandhinagar: In what seems to be a cruel joke on students studying in Gujarat government schools, the state authorities have distributed them cereals weighing between 550 gram to 825 gram to take care of their hunger for 11 days, which includes two holidays, as schools are closed for mid-day meals amid the coronavirus pandemic.

As per information available with Gujarat Exclusive, students residing in various villages in Nadiad have been distributed cereals (wheat and rice) for the past 11 days on April 1 and 2. While students studying in class 1 to 5 were given cereals weighing around 550-gram for this period, those studying in class 6 to 8 were distributed 825-gram cereals.

Students were called to schools and made to sign papers before they were provided with the cereals. Notably, the amount of wheat being provided by the school authorities is grossly inadequate to feed the students for 11 days. It is also a joke for the parents of such students who might be involved in manual labour and out of work in the current scenario which makes it even more difficult for them to manage square meals for their family members.

Sources said the government has asked schools to distribute the cereals. However, no additional stock was made available to them for such distribution as a result of which the school authorities are forced to use the stock available for mid-day meals for the purpose. Also, a contingency sum of Rs4.96 per student per day is supposed to be paid to the students. However, due to disruption in the banking services amid the coronavirus outbreak, it is a herculean task for the school authorities to implement the same.

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