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Gujarat govt to survey crop damage due to rains, compensate farmers


Agriculture minister RC Faldu on Wednesday said that the government will carry out a survey of destruction due to floods and will compensate the farmers accordingly. The decision was taken at the cabinet meeting held on Wednesday.

Faldu said that crops have suffered heavy damage due to the heavy rains in the state. “The government will carry out a survey to know the extent of the damage and will offer compensation to the affected farmers,” said Faldu.


He said the survey work would begin in the next fortnight and farmers who have suffered more than 33% damage will be compensated as per the rules under the State Disaster Relief Fund (SDRF).

Faldu said the excess rains have ensured good water for the state in the coming months and many farmers now have water in their wells. He, however, admitted that it has also destroyed crops in the state. He added that the state will however not face a shortage of water this summer.

Faldu said the survey has begun in farms where floodwaters have receded, while in others it will be carried out after the water recedes.

Media reports said that the state decided to compensate farmers under the SDRF because none of them fit the criteria for the Mukhyamantri Fasal Beema Yojana. The scheme provided insurance to farmers against crop loss subject to certain criteria and conditions.

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In 2019, the government paid over Rs 3,700 crore to farmers as compensation for crop damage due to unseasonal rains in October and November.

Congress demanded compensation

Earlier the Congress had demanded that the Gujarat government provide immediate relief to the farmers affected by drought and excess rainfall in the state. The party had claimed that farmers in the state suffered a loss running into crores due to the drought and then floods afterwards.

The party had also demanded that the state conduct an immediate survey and ensure that the affected farmers get fair compensation.

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