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Gujarat Govt To Impose Disturbed Areas Act in Parts Of Kambhat After Communal Clash


While the Gujarat police were busy at Namaste Trump event in Ahmedabad, during which the violence broke out after two groups clashed over the issue of playing cricket in Khambhat,Gujarat. During the violence, many houses and trains were set on fire. One was killed in the violence while several policemen were reported injured. In protest of the incident majority of schools, colleges and markets remained shut in the town since the morning.

After two communal violence at one place in Khambhat of Anand district within one month, now the Gujarat government decided to impose the Disturbed Areas Act in some parts of the town which is aimed at preventing distress sale of properties in communally-sensitive areas. Talking to reporters after a meeting with Gujarat Chief Minister Vijay Rupani today after the incident, Home Minister Pradeep Singh Jadeja said, “Such clashes are happening because of demographic changes. As demanded by the people of Khambhat, the government has decided to start the process of imposing the Disturbed Areas Act in areas where such incidents are happening regularly. We have taken this decision to stop further changes in the local demography.”

He said that CCTV footage is being collected, strict action against those who have also tried to damage the peace and security of Khambhat. 47 people have been arrested so far by registering 4 separate cases. Strict action will be taken against the conspirators to damage the security of the pillar.

Disturbed Areas Act will solve the problem?

When reporters asked the Home Minister Pradeep Singh Jadeja whether the implementation of Disturbed Areas Act in Khambhat would solve the problem, he said, “The main problem of Khambhat is that people from two communities live nearby who have food and drink. The way is different so there is a lot of controversy over small things so the Gujarat government does not have demographic change.”