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Gujarat govt to allow 70-storey tall buildings in 5 cities of state


Five cities of Gujarat can now have tall skyscrapers after the Gujarat government in a release said it will be allowing such structures to be built. As of now, structures over 23 floors are not allowed to be constructed in Gujarat as per the CGDCR 2017 regulations. But the state on Monday announced it will allow for buildings as tall as 70 floors and more. CGDCR stands for Comprehensive General Development Control Regulations.

Chief Minister Vijay Rupani on Monday announced that the new rules and regulation for tall buildings will now be part of the CGDCR 2017, thus paving the way for their construction. As of now, the tall buildings will be allowed only in the cities of Ahmedabad, Vadodara, Surat, Rajkot and Gandhinagar.


The state in a release said that allowing for vertical construction/tall buildings will help address the issue of the housing shortage. It will also help bring down the land and housing costs. The government said as more people migrate to cities in search of employment, demand for housing is on the rise. 

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The state said vertical development is must to ensure that service land is used adequately to accommodate more people in the limited available space.

Highlights of the announcement 

  • Buildings that are over 100 m tall will have a new set of regulations.
  • This regulation will also apply to buildings with an aspect ratio (maximum width: height) of 1:9 or more.
  • This will also be applicable for D1 category of AUDA/SUDA/VUDA/RUDA and GUDA areas where at present a base FSI of 1.2 or more is allowed under the CGDCR 2017.
  • A Special Technical Committee (STC) will be formed for inspection of such buildings.
  • Once an application is made to the concerned authority, the STC will inspect the same and recommend whether approval should be given or not.
  • Such buildings will be eligible for access roads that are 30 mt or more in width under the DP and TP schemes.
  • A 100 mt to 150 mt tall building should have a maximum plot size of 2500 sq mt.
  • Those above 150 mt need to have a maximum plot size of 3500 sq mt.
  • The tall buildings will be eligible for a maximum FSI of 5.4. However, depending on the zone in which the building is being constructed, the base FSI will be free while the rest will be chargeable.
  • The chargeable FSI will cost 50% of the prevailing jantri rate.
  • The tall buildings can be for residential, commercial, recreational or for mixed-used purpose.
  • All tall buildings will have to have electric charging facility in the parking.
  • It will have to mandatorily clear the wind and tunnel test and have a disaster management plan in place.

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