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Gujarat govt ropes in medical students for COVID-19 battle


The Gujarat government has decided to use the service of all medical, paramedical, and dental students in the state in its war against COVID-19.

The health department of Gujarat in a notification said the service of first, second, third, and final year undergraduate students will be used as frontline COVID-19 workers in the state.

This will give the state an additional workforce of 1 lakh COVID-19 workers in the state.

The notification is for MBBS, BDS, BSc nursing, physiotherapy, homeopathy, ayurveda, and other paramedical service students.

All the students whose service will be used will be given training before they are put on COVID-19 duty.

Those from medical and dental sciences will have a five-day training period and will work under a nodal officer in dedicated COVID-19 facilities.

They will deal with clinical management and infection prevention among others.

The rest of the students will be given work at par with their ongoing studies including collecting samples, field surveillance, supervision, services to those in home isolation, etc.

The training for each of the branches will be different depending on where they will be placed.