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Gujarat Govt: One Rape Complaint is Filed Every Day in the State


Gandhinagar: After Rahul Gandhi’s statement of ‘Rape in India’, the BJP women MPs made a ruckus in the Lok Sabha and demanded an apology from him. After the matter came to light he made it clear that it is a firm on his statement and did not apologize about the matter. As well as he questioned that in states where BJP is in power, why there is an increase in rape incidents. On this Gujarat government admitted that a rape complaint is filed every seven hours in the state.

A total of 6,116 rape complaints was reported from 1 July 2014 to 30 June 2019 in Gujarat. This complete information was kept on the record of Gujarat Legislative Assembly by the Home Department of the state government. The winter session of the Gujarat Legislative Assembly is just over. In the session, the Gujarat government has given an answer to the question of the Congress MLA of Becharaji Thakor Bharatji Sonaji.

Another important information has emerged in these figures that the highest number of rape complaints have been reported in Ahmedabad city. After that 759 complaints have been registered in Surat, while 420 rape cases have been registered in Banaskantha on the third position.

In this matter the Legislative Assembly, Home Minister Pradeep Singh Jadeja said that young boys and girls abscond from home for love marriage, in such a case a case is filed under rape sections. Therefore, the figure is more visible. But the state government is committed to punish the culprits in case of rape.

It is noteworthy that in the year 2014-15, 1097 rape complaints were filed. While in 2015-16, 1103 rape complaints were filed. But this figure is increasing every year and in 2018-19 the figure has increased to 1477.