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Gujarat govt hiding COVID-19 figures: Amit Chavda


Gujarat Pradesh Congress Committee (GPCC) president Amit Chavda on Wednesday visited two COVID-19 facilities in Surat.

The city has been recording a surge in COVID-19 cases for some time now.


Chavda said that hospitals in the state lack adequate facilities. 

“The government is not serious about fighting COVID-19. They are hiding the actual figures,” said Chavda.

Chavda also held meetings with officials of SMIMER Hospital and New Civil Hospital in the city. 

Both are COVID-19 facilities.

“The staff at the hospital is providing excellent service,” he said. 

Chavda said he interacted with the patients and it is obvious that they are not being given adequate facilities.

“Surat is turning into Wuhan. We also lack enough supply of injections to fight the disease and this is why black marketing of Ramdesivir is on the rise.” 

“This is why patients have to source the injection privately,” said Chavda.

“The inefficiency of the government is forcing people to seek treatment in private hospitals,” he said.

The state Congress chief said that Gujarat should have increased the testing at the very beginning and that could have helped prevent the surge.

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 He said hospitals are facing a shortage of life-saving injections. 

“The additional fund that was to be given to corporations has not been given so far,” Chavda said.

He said while staff in private hospitals were being offered incentives, there were no such things for those in government hospitals.

“There is also a shortage of staff in government hospitals as vacancies were never filled,” Chavda said.

Rally in times of COVID-19

Commenting on political rallies during COVID-19 times, Chavda said the one organised by Congress were to raise the issues of the people. 

“We did not organise a rally during COVID-19 just to welcome a leader,” said Chavda.

“We have not gathered a crowd as CR Patil did,” said Chavda.

He said it was not fair for Gujarat to tom-tom its COVID-19 numbers because it was not doing so good if one took into consideration the population of the state.

Doubting the COVID-19 figures released by the state, Chavda said it did not match the number of cremations being reported from various cremation grounds across the state.

Cause of medical students

He said the government should not carry out exams for medical students during COVID-19. 

“I have already got several representations from students seeking help in getting the exam postponed,” said Chavda.

Chavda said many students of SMIMER hospital made a representation to him that they were not in a position to pay semester fees. 

He said the students also made a representation to the Surat mayor. 

“Despite several representations, the government is not willing to give them any leeway,” said Chavda.

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