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Gujarat Exclusive Impact: No extension for GSPC’s Vinay Kumar


Anil Pushpangadan, Gandhinagar: The Gujarat State Petroleum Corporation (GSPC) has announced the retirement of its group executive director Vinay Kumar. It seems Kumar’s efforts to seek an extension has come to a cropper.

The GSPC board had sought a 3-year extension for Kumar whose term was coming to an end on October 31. But the state government did not give the extension and on October 29 he was relieved of his duties as per rules.

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Vinay Kumar had made attempts to get an extension but it did not succeed and he finally had to retire.

Earlier Gujarat Exclusive had in a story on August 23 showed how Vinay Kumar came to serve with the GSPC and gained promotions within a short period and continued to stay at the helm in what a letter later claimed to be violations of rules.

A letter based on RTI information about the alleged irregularity was also written to the CMO and the PMO. The state refused to further extend Vinay Kumar’s term. It should be noted that in the history of GSPC no one official has been given an extension.

Vinay Kumar had allegedly through his connections with various IAS officers sought the extension through GSPC MD Sanjeev Kumar. He had also allegedly sought the help of former bureaucrats to buttress his case.

The file for Vinay Kumar’s extension finally reached the CMO in August. Since the recommendation for an extension came from GSPC MD Sanjeev Kumar the matter was under serious consideration.

If sources are to be believed GSPC chairman and chief secretary Anil Mukim was also in favour of giving an extension to Vinay Kumar.

What RTI exposed about GSPC’s Vinay Kumar

The letter written to the CMO and PMO had stated that Vinay Kumar was appointed as a senior manager with GSPC on contract. After just 20 months of service, Kumar was appointed as the Assistant General Manager in GSPC, the letter to CMO and PMO stated.

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It further said the appointment came based on a ‘recommendation note’ by YD Mahida, a senior executive, who interestingly was junior to Kumar and also reported to him!

Following the recommendation by Mahida, former managing director, GSPC, Sanjay Gupta made Kumar the Assistant General Manager, a government employee. Gupta is facing corruption charges in the Metro Rail Project.

The letter further stated that Vinay Kumar’s position as Senior Group Executive Director did not exist in GSPC and that it was specifically created to accommodate him.

Since GSPC came into being no employee has ever got an extension and the sole exception was Jayesh Dave who retired as General Manager Accounts who was then hired on a contract basis.

The complainant’s letter to the PMO was taken note of and the CMO also did not want to get into any controversy over the extension. As a result, the state did not give an extension to Vinay Kumar.

Who will take over the responsibility?

GSPC MD Sanjeev Kumar has given the responsibility of the IT and HSE department to Prakash Karnik, general manager with GSPL while GGL executive vice-president Piyush Upadhyay has been given the responsibility of HR and administration.

Operations and maintenance will be looked after by KP Radhakrishnan, DGM of GSPL while GSPL vice-president Rajeshwari Sharma will look after the legal department.


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