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Gujarat Exclusive Impact: DELF will have to pay Rs33.5 lakh penalty, to be blacklisted


The Gujarat government’s Road and Building (R&B) Department has initiated the process to blacklist a civil and structural engineering services firm—DELF Consulting Engineers—for its alleged negligence that resulted in three bridge projects in Kheda district coming to a grinding halt.

Earlier, Gujarat Exclusive had reported that the company had not bothered to pay a fine of Rs 33.5 lakh imposed 11 months ago by the R&B Department for its lapses.

The company was entrusted to prepare the drawings and estimate plan for one bridge each on Khari river, Sabarmati river and Vatrak river. However, the negligence on its part resulted in the projects getting stalled.

Strict action against DELF

After Gujarat Exclusive’s report was published on November 30, the R&B Department said it will initiate strict action against the errant company.

R&B officials told Gujarat Exclusive that the company has shown extreme negligence and the department will take strict action against it. If the company does not pay the penalty, it will be deducted from the fee owed to it for other consulting projects, the officials added.

“Such negligence cannot be tolerated and we are also mulling the possibility of blacklisting the company. A review of the other projects allotted to the company will also be carried out,” an official said.

Affected projects

The department had given three projects to DELF—a bridge over the Khari River, one over the Sabarmati river and the third over the Vatrak river.

The projects were worth over Rs 80 lakh. Of the three projects, two are yet to be finished, whereas the work on the bridge over the Vatrak river has been stopped for now.

The Vatrak project was cancelled after it was brought to the notice of the government that against a requirement of 9 piles, a six pile design was made by the consultant. Pile refers to a post like foundation that is made by digging the ground to offer support to a structure.

The company was allotted the work on June 15, 2018, and it was to finish it by September 2018. After the negligence and error were brought to the notice of the government, it penalised the company on January 27, 2020.


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