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DGP Gujarat puts in place social media rules for police


 DGP Gujarat warns cops against political, communal posts or commentary on current events

DGP Gujarat has put in place a ‘model code of conduct’ for police personnel in the state for social media.

A notification for police personnel warns that members should not post or forward anything that violates existing rules.

The ‘model code of conduct’ also warns that policemen and women should not be forwarding anything that violates the Official Secrets Act.

The list of rules advises policemen in the state to ensure that their posts and forwards are apolitical and not communal.

It also asks policemen not to comment on official or political matters related to the service or otherwise.

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The posts need to be truthful and ensure that the language is polite, the notification reads.

Further explaining what amounts to a political post and how to avoid it, the notification states that cops should stay away from making political appeals or being associated with the work of any political party.

It asks that cops avoid being part of groups and teams in social media that are specifically aimed at promoting the cause of a particular caste, creed, religion, political party, or a cause.

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Those in the intelligence wing of the force will need specific permission from their top officers to be part of such groups.

The officials have also been barred from making any comment on the services rendered by the force.

It further states that when putting up posts on social media as a private individual they need to clarify that their views are personal and not official.

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Other social media rules for cops

  • Only social media in-charge officials of various wings of police can put up posts on important developments, crime, law and order situations and important investigations.
  • Opinions on service rules and activities are not allowed
  • Revelations about police investigation procedures and techniques cannot be made on social media as it may alert criminals
  • Any incident that is a potential threat to the country cannot be shared on social media
  • Ensure social media posts do not violate set norms and rulings of the court. Eg: Revealing the name of victims in sexual abuse or rape cases through social media
  • Policemen cannot use official infrastructure to engage in social media (Eg: official internet, phone or tablet)
  • Ensure that that tone of the posts in social media is polite and desist from cyberbullying of any sort.

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